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You Are
The Target

Big Tobacco is watching you. You are their target — and they’re hoping you’ll be their next customer.

Don’t be a replacement.


We think not.

Big Tobacco Companies Own E-Cig Brands

The truth is

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Does this leave a bad taste in your mouth?

Worth losing

sleep over?

Being a target for Big Tobacco must be exhausting.

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Feeling targeted?

Don’t take the bait.


Big Tobacco knows 90% of smokers start before they are 18 years old.


Big Tobacco companies own at least one e-cig brand.

You know everything there is to know about tobacco products, right?

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Did you fall

for it, too?

Flavored cigarettes increase the number of kids who experiment with cigarettes.

Now seeking

replacement smokers

Nothing has changed, except how Big Tobacco delivers the nicotine.

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There are 15,500 e-juice flavors and counting

Pick Your Poison:

There are thousands of chemicals in tobacco smoke, 70 of which have been known to cause cancer.

There’s a lot


Isn’t Telling You.


E-cigarette flavors can contain diacetyl, which can cause "popcorn lung" and makes you cough and feel short of breath. Sounds safe, right?


People who


are 4X more likely to start smoking cigarettes

Not a

Harmless Vapor

Over 99% of all e-cigarette products contain nicotine.

Know the Facts:

Do you know the health risks?

  • vision

    Smoking causes nerve damage that can lead to loss of vision.

  • brain

    Nicotine can harm brain development, which continues into the early to mid-20s.

  • zits

    Teens who smoke break out more often and their zits last longer.

  • phlegm

    Teens who smoke produce twice as much phlegm than teens who don’t.

  • muscle

    Smoking makes it harder to build muscles and makes your muscles more tired.